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Allen studied in Hwa Chong during his 'O' and 'A' levels. He scored all A1's in his 'O' levels except for his Chinese language. In Hwa Chong, he won the Top Performance Student award in his faculty combination and was 3rd overall in his cohort. During his 'A' levels, he was among the very top in the Singapore cohort, scoring A's in C. Maths, F. Maths, Economics, Physics and Chinese, and achieving distinctions in the demanding 'Special' papers in Physics and Mathematics. His 7 distinctions at 'A'-levels surpassed the typical 5-6 'A'-level distinctions achieved by President's Scholars during his time. He was also a member of the school soccer and athletics team during his Hwa Chong days, and continued to do so for his army camp during national service.

During his overseas university stint, Allen stunned his deans by completing his 4-year finance degree in an unprecedented 2 years (and finding time to complete 2 minors in economics and Information Technology). As an Evan Pugh scholar, he topped the School of Business and was the top full-time student in university - achieving a total of 42 'A's and one 'A-' for a near-perfect GPA of 3.99 out of 4.00.

Allen was able to achieve his outstanding university results while spending 3 hours daily writing computer software as a hobby. This was possible because he used very effective study techniques to minimise his study time and maximise his exam results. He won the coveted C|Net's Shareware of the Week international software award as a student with his first Windows software project. Allen created this comprehensive course to help other students achieve greater academic success.

"THE Study Smart Course that your classmates will never tell you about - because it gives them an unfair advantage!"

STATISTIC : Most students who have attended other "study courses" indicated that our course is better and more useful than the rest.

The genuine Study Smart Course that is receiving RAVE REVIEWS from parents and students. We are the big secret in the Singapore education world.

"I’m extremely impressed with their passion. Their Study Smart course is indeed one that I would recommend to every student - essential and very important skills that will take each student to greater success when practised diligently. My son enjoyed those skills learning very much. He’s consciously putting those skills to good use."

-- Michelle Choo, mother of Jiim, Sec. 2. Co-author of “My Pals Are Here” series

"After sending my son to the Study Smart course in May 09, I have seen an improvement in his results. He is more organized and knows how to maximize his school hours. By applying the skills imparted, he is more efficient as a student now. It is indeed an excellent programme."

-- Jane Tip, mother of Jordan, Sec. 3, Bedok Green Secondary

"The method to tackle lessons and homework and when to start studying for tests & exams [were particularly useful and enlightening]. This course gave me solutions to most of the problems I believe I face."
Course rating : Excellent
Trainer rating : Excellent

-- Nadia Cheah, Sec. 4, Raffles Girls' Secondary
(5 Dec 09 batch)

"I have learnt many new techniques to motivate myself."
Course rating : Excellent
Trainer rating : Excellent

-- Brian Tan, Sec. 3, Catholic High School
(5 Dec 09 batch)
"Everything shared is very useful & most enlightening even for a parent. Thanks..."
-- Mr Chew K.C., parent who came with 3 children
"The techniques and the acronyms used help to contextualise things. I also think that the organisation of the Powerpoint was quite good such that it was easy to follow. The facts were rather enlightening, especially to the end where the environment, personal care and such were uncovered. These facts were quite unknown to me."
-- Sean Teh, Temasek Junior College, Yr 2
"The habits and techniques have enlightened me greatly, and also uncovering the truth behind the myths of top students have also greatly encouraged an average student like me to excel."
-- Grace Chew, Sec. 4, Chung Cheng (Main)
Have you attended other study course(s)?: "Yes, this course is much better"
Rating on course: Excellent

-- Adeline, Primary 5, Greenwood Primary
(16 Dec 08 batch)

"The course uncovers what is so natural to top students but totally alien to others. The course made me realise what my top student friends do unconsciously. Now, the average student can emulate the "How's" and be a top student. The exam techniques are very useful."

-- Lee T. H., aunt of a student

"The steps on how to study are useful..."

-- Rachel, Sec. 3, Paya Lebar MGSS (Dec 08 batch)

"Useful and enlightening : 12 deadly traps, the tips, top student habits"

-- Benjamin Mak, Sec. 2, St. Joseph Institution


Course rating : Excellent
"This course motivates me. I find that with everything I have learnt, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE."

-- Claris Ng, Secondary 2, Zhonghua Secondary (13 Jun 09 batch)


Course rating : Excellent
"I am more confident."
"NO, will NOT recommend this course to others BECAUSE

-- Russell Wong, Primary 5, Nanyang Primary (27 Jun 09 batch)


Course rating : Excellent
Trainer rating : Excellent
"Enlightening: The visualising [skills]. It really makes studying more interesting.
Motivational: Yes. The trainers make it seem so easy...

-- Jaetitia Wong, Secondary 3, Hai Sing Catholic School (05 Jul 09 batch)


Course rating : Excellent
Trainer rating : Excellent
"Enlightening: sow a thought, reap an action ...
[Motivated because] you know the right methods to use

-- Lycia Ang, Secondary 2, Hai Sing Catholic School (05 Jul 09 batch)


Course rating : Excellent
Trainer rating : Excellent
"Enlightening: the techniques on what to do during lessons.
[Motivated because] it teaches me how to study smart

-- Herald Chew, Secondary 3, Hai Sing Catholic School (05 Jul 09 batch)

Course rating : Excellent
Trainer rating : Excellent
"There's a motivation for me to study. And it teaches some techniques that are very useful."

-- Benjamin Tan, Sec. 3, Tanjong Katong Secondary School (19 Jul 09 batch)

Course rating : Excellent
Trainer rating : Excellent
"The course motivated me. I learned how top students do well and want to be like them"

-- Michelle Tan, Primary 6, Kong Hwa School (19 Jul 09 batch)


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