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Allen studied in Hwa Chong during his 'O' and 'A' levels. He scored all A1's in his 'O' levels except for his Chinese language. In Hwa Chong, he won the Top Performance Student award in his faculty combination and was 3rd overall in his cohort. During his 'A' levels, he was among the very top in the Singapore cohort, scoring A's in C. Maths, F. Maths, Economics, Physics and Chinese, and achieving distinctions in the demanding 'Special' papers in Physics and Mathematics. His 7 distinctions at 'A'-levels surpassed the typical 5-6 'A'-level distinctions achieved by President's Scholars during his time. He was also a member of the school soccer and athletics team during his Hwa Chong days, and continued to do so for his army camp during national service.

During his overseas university stint, Allen stunned his deans by completing his 4-year finance degree in an unprecedented 2 years (and finding time to complete 2 minors in economics and Information Technology). As an Evan Pugh scholar, he topped the School of Business and was the top full-time student in university - achieving a total of 42 'A's and one 'A-' for a near-perfect GPA of 3.99 out of 4.00.

Allen was able to achieve his outstanding university results while spending 3 hours daily writing computer software as a hobby. This was possible because he used very effective study techniques to minimise his study time and maximise his exam results. He won the coveted C|Net's Shareware of the Week international software award as a student with his first Windows software project. Allen created this comprehensive course to help other students achieve greater academic success.

Some of the schools that we have taught
Bedok Green Secondary : entire Sec 4 level
Bedok North Secondary : entire Sec 3, 4 & 5 level
Bukit Panjang Government High : entire Sec 4/5 level
Hai Sing Catholic : entire Sec 4/5 level
Pasir Ris Secondary : entire Sec 4/5 level
St. Hilda's : entire Sec 5 level
River Valley High : Year 4 (through-train programme)
Yishun Secondary : entire Sec 4/5 level

We have taught thousands of students in schools and made an impact on many. Find out why this is the course you have to send your children to.

 The #1 Mistake (Almost) All Parents Make

When most parents were growing up, they were instructed to "study hard" and "be motivated". They had no idea about the skills and techniques necessary to succeed in school. They simply tried hard to succeed (hopefully) by "trial and error", sheer determination and hard work. When they become parents, they repeat the same cycle. They give their children the same vague instructions, and somehow expect their kids to succeed (even if they themselves did not) by trying to figure "it" out.

If you want your children to be a top swimmer, what would you do? Do you tell them to "wake up at 6am (getting up for school lessons?), swim as many hours as possible (study as many hours as possible?), go for competitions (semi-annual school exams?), keep swimming (keep studying?) and motivating yourself until you become a swimming champion (top student?)", and "we will send you for more swimming lessons (more subject tuition?) in the meantime"? Do you not think it is much more effective to send them to Ang Peng Siong Swim School to learn from Singapore's most illustrious swimming champion?

By the same measure, is it fair to expect your children to "figure out" essential study smart skills and exam techniques on their own when you had no clue as a student too? Will it not be much more effective for your children to learn from the best students from top schools who can coach your kids to overcome the education system?

 What do we teach our students?

Some courses try to instill MOTIVATION.
Others attempt to extract INSPIRATION.
Our Study Smart Course simply brings REVELATION.

We reveal to you DEFINABLE, ACHIEVABLE, REPEATABLE and SUSTAINABLE Habits and Secrets of Top Singapore Students.

Our course coverage includes:

  • Why does motivation fail?
  • Myths and Truths about Top Students
  • What Top Students do correctly (things that are achievable by you)
  • How to get into a virtuous cycle of studying and doing well in exams
  • Understanding the Academic Seasons can put you at an unfair advantage
  • Knowledge Gaps - how you should "plug" the gaps
  • How to take the best types of notes that really work
  • How to benefit from class lessons effectively
  • How to maximise benefits from homework
  • Brain & Memory Facts
  • How to prepare for Tests
  • Enhanced Memory Maps 2.0
  • Power of visualisation to make learning easy
  • Memory Skills & Techniques
  • Deadly traps students fall into
  • Different study cycles require different efforts and approach
  • Different tactics for different types of learners
  • How to never study for an exam again
  • Pre-exam strategies
  • Exam Techniques to maximise your grades
  • Proven strategies to do effective checking during exams
  • Every single aspect of your physical environment
  • ... and more!

To be exact, 360 pages of Powerpoint chocked full of
Facts, Secrets, Tips & Illustrations will be presented!

No wonder parents are starting to label ours as THE ONLY AFFORDABLE, NO-HYPE, REAL-CONTENT STUDY SMART COURSE they must send their children to.

At just over S$30+/hour of coaching, there is no reason not to.

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